The IT Technologists that were Required by Private Sector

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Narungsun Wilaisakoolyong


        This research was aimed to study the desired characteristics of IT Technologists that were required by Private sector. These characteristics are included knowledge ability, management, ethics, and IT professional skills. The researcher collected data from 143 private companies as examples, consisting of 86 Thai private companies and 57 foreign private companies. Researcher used various statistical method for analyzing   the data. The statistical methods which used in this research were  frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation and independent t-test. The research was shown that Private companies had the need for IT Technologists with various characteristics as follows.Knowledge ability characteristics:these were IT tools using skills, Abilities in IT practice, Correctly Working and Basic IT standardized knowledge. Management characteristics: these were Skills to work with others, Ability to solve IT problems, always learning new IT technology. Ethics characteristics: these were Honest, Responsibility, Loyal to the organization. The results can be useful for revising curriculum in Information Technology for the needs of the industries.


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