Dendrobium chrysocrepis (Orchidaceae), a new record for Thailand

  • Orporn Phueakkhlai Department of Forest Biology, Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand.
  • Somran Suddee Forest Herbarium, Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand.
  • Trevor R. Hodkinson Department of Botany School of Natural Sciences, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin2, Ireland.
  • Henrik Æ. Pedersen Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Øster Voldgade 5–7, DK-1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark.
  • Priwan Srisom 146/1 KrungThep Nonthaburi 42, KrungThep Nonthaburi Rd. Wongsawang, Bang Sue, Bangkok 10800, Thailand.
  • Sarawood Sungkaew Department of Forest Biology, Faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand. Center for Advanced Studies in Tropical Natural Resources, Kasetsart University, Bangkhen, Bangkok 10900, Thailand.
Keywords: Dendrobium moschatum, Epidendroideae, northern Thailand


In this paper we report the first confirmed find of Dendrobium chrysocrepis in Thailand. A morphological description, a line drawing and a colour plate are presented (all based on Thai material), whereas some background information on the globally rare species is provided.


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Phueakkhlai, O., Suddee, S., Hodkinson, T., Pedersen, H., Srisom, P., & Sungkaew, S. (2018). Dendrobium chrysocrepis (Orchidaceae), a new record for Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany), 46(2), 134-137.