Participatory Packaging Design of Por Loy Herbs Group Sikhio District Nakhon Ratchasima Province

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พบพร เอี่ยมใส ธนกิจ โคกทอง อำไพ แสงจันทร์ไทย


This research is an herbal food packaging research. Even though nowadays the development of product
to enhance the quality of product is important, but the development of packaging is important too because
packaging is added value to the product. The purposes of this research are 1 ) To study types of products and
choose product for to design the package 2) To find the ways to design the product’s package and produce Por
Loy (brand’s name) herbal’s product packaging model 3) To evaluate the Por Loyherbal’s customer’s satisfaction
by using Focus Group Discussion method to find the way to design the package that can really added value of
the product. In the result, the package that is suitably to use with this product is plastic bag which can closed
tightly to protect the product from humidity environment that can cause of the product damage and should stick
the graphic only one side according to product cost. This research found that the overall customer’s satisfaction
is in high level with an average of 4.32 and S.D. of 0.52, in product’s protecting is in high level with an average of 
4.13 and S.D. of 0.52, in facilitate is in high level with an average of 4.43 and S.D. of 0.48and in Promoting the
distribution is in high level with an average of 4.44 and S.D. of 0.54


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