Local Wisdom Knowledge of Clay Roof Tiles in Dan Kwian Community

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มาริสา หิรัญตียะกุล


Clay roof tiles in Dan Kwian community are unique, because the raw materials used in the production are
all natural and locally sourced. When the roof tile is burned, the surface of the tile is coated in the product,
creating unique ‘blood eel’ colour. Currently, the production of clay roof tiles in Dan Kwian community has
only one operator left. This is mainly due to the complex production process, which lasts about 6 months. So
the wisdom & knowledge of producing roof tiles in the area is beginning to disappear. This article introduces the
local knowledge of clay roof tiles and interviews the locals, the wisdom elite. This is a collection of knowledgefrom
forms of the products to the process technology, for dissemination and educational use.



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