Industrial Organizational Human Resource Risk Management

  • แววมยุรา คำสุข
  • มรกต กำแพงเพชร
Keywords: Human Resource, Risk management


Human Capital is the most importance resource in the Organization. Human resource is driving whole the business mechanism of organization. The Organization that has value human resource means they have good employee who efficient, honesty and loyalty will easy reach goal to get profit, growth and stabilization. The Human Resource Management need to apply in order to make the organization qualified personnel to work adequately and continuously start with Human resource planning process, Recruitment and selection Care and development until Exiting process. The Operation of industrial enterprises has to face the risks associated with human resources until it can be obstacle to the operation of the organization so the organization need the Risk Management to specify ,analyze ,evaluate ,define and create action plan to eliminate, reduce and control the risk in in human resource include the risk of corruption to improve the efficiency of Organization management To contribute to the achievement of overall corporate goals and objectives of the organization.

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