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สุนันท์ เสียงเสนาะ ดวงใจ วัฒนสินธุ์ ภรภัทร เฮงอุดมทรัพย์ เวทิส ประทุมศรี


          Depression can be found among late adolescents and is associated with multiple factors. The purposes of this predictive correlational study were to examine depression and its influencing factors including spiritual intelligence, family connectedness, friendship intimacy, and internet dependency behavior among 265 late adolescents in high school grade 9 – 12 of the Secondary school in Banchang district, Rayong Province. The table of Krejcie and Morgan (1970) was used to estimate a sample size. The stratified random sampling was employed to randomly select the sample. Five research instruments were used including personal information form, Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale, Spiritual intelligence Scale, Family connected Scale, Friendship Intimacy Scale, and Internet Dependency Behavior Scale. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, the Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient, and stepwise multiple regression analysis.

            The study findings revealed that 46.40% of the sample had depression. Among these, 23.40% had mild to moderate depression, and 23.00% had severe depression. Results of stepwise multiple regression analyses revealed that family connectedness, spiritual intelligence, friendship intimacy, and internet dependency behavior together explain 19.2% (R2 = 0.192, p < .001) of the variance in depression among these adolescents. Family connectedness (ß= -.190, p <.05), spiritual intelligence (ß= -172, p <.05), friendship intimacy (ß= -.211, p <.001), and internet dependency behavior (ß = .157, p < .05) were statistically significant predictors of depression. The results of the study suggested that depression among late adolescents is an important mental health concern that health care providers should be aware of. Mental health programs/services aimed at enhancing family connectedness, friendship intimacy, spiritual intelligence, and modifying internet dependency behavior should be promoted.


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