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กฤษณาพร ทิพย์กาญจนเรขา สำลี สาลีกุล นิภาพร อภิสิทธิวาสนา มณีรัตน์ เทียมหมอก


          The human life cycle starts at the prenatal stage and ends with death. The nurses play a vital role to provide nursing care in every stage. At the end of life, the humans expect their own lives and their beloved ones whom do not suffer from diseases and die peacefully. In the present, modern medical is very advanced and effective for patient treatments. The humans try to keep themselves alive from getting advanced treatments although they experience incurable diseases. Even the physicians realize it is impossible to treat incurable diseases, they could not end up their treatments because of the laws. Lack of knowledge and being difficult to make a decision about peaceful death lead the patients and their relatives’ choices to go on the treatments even these may make them be painful or suffering. Consequently, advance care planning is needed to improve quality of care at the end of life and to promote patient's peaceful death. This article states the definitions of death and peaceful death, advanced care plan, the differences between an advanced care plan and a living will, and a preparation of advanced care planning.



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