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ศศิธร เตชะมวลไววิทย์


          Breast cancer is a major public health problem of the country. Cancer patients sharply increase each year. Breast cancer is the first cause of morbidity and mortality among Thai women and it is prone to increase every year. Breast cancer could be screened by oneself and it could be cured if it is found from the very early beginning. In fact, there is less self-examination. This may be due to lack of knowledge and skills in breast self-examination. For example, observation skills to look for abnormalities, palpation skills, lack of close attention, and low self-confidence. In Thai context, Thai women need to be taught to breast self-examination. This is a challenge to Thai public health nurses. There are several methods to develop self-examination knowledge and skills. Such methods include video tutorials, handouts, brochures, demonstrations, feedback, and grouping. Contrarily, there is another method to take into a consideration. It is the knowledge development and self-examination skills of female community leaders. Then, the leaders would take those back to women in the community. Also, a good attitude towards breast self-examination would be reported regularly. As a result, the community would be strong and sustainable. The female community leaders understand the community context, so, they could ask any questions all the time when they doubt. In addition, there is a home visit for the woman in the community to evaluate breast self-examination monthly within a year and provide more suggestions for women in the community who did not perform breast self-examination correctly. The female community leaders could play a role as a Thai nurse. Consequently, Thai nurses have more time to deliver a good nursing care.



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