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สัจจพร ศรีบุตร ฉวี เบาทรวง นันทพร แสนศิริพันธ์


This quasi-experimental research study in one group time series design aimed to examine the effect of self-regulation in defecation enhancement on constipation among pregnant women. The subjects were 28 pregnant women who had constipation and attended the antenatal clinic at Ban Bueng Community Health Center, Ban Bueng Hospital, Chonburi between August and November 2017. The data collection tools were the defecation frequency record form and the Bowel Pattern Assessment form by Hinrichs and Huseboe (2001), Thai version by Sansuksawad and others (2007). Data were analyzed using one-way repeated ANOVA and Chi-square test. The study revealed that in the experimental period, the subjects had significantly higher number of defecation than in the control period (p<.001). Moreover, in the experimental period, the subjects had a significantly bowel pattern of constipation less than in the control period (p<.001)


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ศรีบุตรส., เบาทรวงฉ., & แสนศิริพันธ์น. (2018). EFFECT OF SELF-REGULATION IN DEFECATION ENHANCEMENT ON CONSTIPATION AMONG PREGNANT WOMEN. Journal of Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Bangkok, 34(3), 11-20. Retrieved from https://www.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/bcnbangkok/article/view/168604


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