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พิทยา ธรรมวงศา วงศา เล้าหศิริวงศ์


This cross-sectional analytical study aimed to identify the situation and factors associated with risks of cardiovascular disease among hypertension patients. Multi-stage random sampling was applied to select 532 hypertension patients aged 40 years and over in Udon Thani province. All patients were interviewed using the structured questionnaire. The questionnaire was validated for content by three experts and tested for reliability with Cronbach alpha of 0.87. The data were analyzed by using both descriptive statistics and multiple logistic regression analysis.
The results showed that most of the samples were female, (71.56%), farmer (72.37%, with average age of 56 ± 7.12) years old and had universal health coverage (87.97 %). About a quarter of these hypertension patients had risk of cardiovascular disease (25.19%; 95%CI: 21.55-29.10). The factors that were significance associated (p<0.05) with risk of cardiovascular disease among these hypertensive patients were female (adj. OR = 6.09, 95%CI: 2.62-14.12), age≥ 60 years old (adj. OR =4.38, 95%CI: 2.36-8.11), being single, divorce or separate (adj. OR =2.88, 95%CI: 1.53-5.42), exercise < 3days per week (adj. OR =3.86, 95%CI: 2.20-6.71), BMI ≥ 25 (adj. OR =3.25, 95%CI: 1.88-5.62), LDL > 100 mg./dl. (adj. OR =8.42, 95%CI: 3.43-20.69), Triglycerides > 150 mg./dl. (adj. OR = 5.49, 95%CI: 3.09-9.72) and had low to moderate levels of decision-making skills (adj. OR =2.95, 95%CI: 1.67-5.22)
Hypertension patients should be promoted for health especially focusing on developing decision making skills to protect cardiovascular disease, behaviors modification on exercise, reduce fact consumption, weight control. The special attention should be given to female, older persons who do not have spouse. These risks control should help reducing risks of cardiovascular disease among hypertension patients.


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