Forest Land Use with Geo-Information Technology of Dong-Yai Wildlife Sanctuary, Non Din Daeng District, Buri Ram Province

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The purpose of this research was to survey the land use of forest area in
Dong-Yai wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary has covering an area of 195,486 hectares in
Buriram province. The information technology used in the present work was the satellite data in term of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) values which were
accomplished by using a Quantum Geographic Information System (QGIS). Field surveys
were done at the time match with the satellite data. Stratifed random samplings were
performed according to the sample collection sites designed by QGIS program. The
reflection values of real object locations versus satellite data were used in comparison
and interpretation for its accuracy. It exhibited that an overview of accuracy value is
of 85.7 percent.
The fndings of the study were revealed as follow
1) There are a proportion of 143,561: 41,297: 9,624:1,004 hectares for forest
area: open spaces: community area/agricultural lands: water area, respectively.
2) Forest encroachment into agricultural areas was found, rubber is the
main crop and cassava crop is the second place.


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