learning package of “The Beauty of Roi – Et: Isan’s Saket” for Promoting Basic values and local conservation of the learning area of social studies religion and culture for Prathom 5 students

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The purposes of this research were 1) to study the state of instruction on
local wisdom about the learning model of local wisdom 2) to create and develop the
and 4) to evaluate the students’ satisfaction after learning by using learning model of
local wisdom. The participants were 34 Prathom 5/1 students of Anuban Municipal
Muang Roi – Et School, who were studying in the frst semester of academic year 2017,
by using Cluster Random Sampling. The instruments were the learning model of local
wisdom by using learning package of “The Beauty of Roi – Et: Isan’s Saket”, lesson
plans, local wisdom test, basic questionnaire and satisfaction survey. The data were
and content analysis. The results were: 1) The students and related persons needed
the learning model of local wisdom, which had the main components, included
teacher’s handbook; student’s textbook; learning standards; indicators, purposes,
learning process, worksheets, exercise and the evaluation which could develop the
students’ effective results increasingly. 2) The developed learning model was called
SCADE Model, which had the principles, purposes, learning process and promoting
learning tools. This process had 5 steps, S: Stimulate, C: Construction, A: Application,
D: Discussion and E: Evaluation. was appropriate. 3) The experimental results of the
learning model of local wisdom was effectively at 87.12/85.98, which was higher than.
The criterion 4) The result of the students’ satisfaction towards the learning model
by using learning package resulted on the students’ effective results on pre – test
and post – test by using the learning model of local wisdom, the effciency difference
was statistically signifcant at the .05 level and the students’ satisfaction towards the
learning model was at the high level.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Paper)


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