Managing Articles Monitoring and Evaluating System of Buriram Rajabhat University Academic Journal

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This research aimed 1) to study the problems in receiving and submitting
articles of Buriram Rajabhat University academic journal and 2) to manage the system
in monitoring and evaluating articles of the journal effectively. The data were
collected from 15 participants in total: 5 working committees of the journal and 10
peer reviewers. The questionnaire form was employed as a research tool. The statistics
utilized in data analysis included mean and standard deviation.
The results of the study showed that 1) problems in receiving and submitting
the articles of journal were time limitation in sending articles resulted in the late
publication of the issue. Articles should be submitted through the online system via
the journal website. Moreover, the procedure in the online system helps saving time
when receiving the articles back and it also helps reducing problems from sending
by postal system and also reducing paper used in the journal system. The modern
system for receiving and submitting articles should be utilized for providing
convenience to the users which will increase the effectiveness to the journal’s
management. And 2) in terms of articles evaluation, it was found that most of the
peer reviewers can evaluate research articles according to their own expertise and
competency and can give useful suggestions/comments that will help authors to
improve their articles to possess more effectiveness and it will also help the journal
to have a better management. However, the peer reviewers still lacked of understanding
in the system and how to evaluate articles by using the online system including the
correct ways to access the articles evaluation program. The new technology related
terms and explanations of how to use the system must be given to the peer reviewers.
This will increase the effectiveness in articles evaluation. In addition, the results from
this study in terms of articles evaluation suggested that using the program in managing
the journal through the online system will help the journal system to be managed
effectively which will be beneficial for the academic circles in the future.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Paper)


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