Legl Issue of Music Vocal and Modified Vocal Copyright Protection in the Digital Era

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The objective of this abstract is to study the possibility of copyrighting the
singing vocals and the vocals adapted by digital devices. Due to current Copyright
Law does not cover the right of singer’s vocal including the vocals adapted by digital
devices. Both mentioned kinds are created with knowledge, ability, creativity,
perseverance, which are the properties that might need to be protected by copyrights.
The researcher therefore studied by searching from text books and academic articles
to determine the criteria of the protection of the copyrights, besides several
interviews were conducted with groups of individuals who uses their vocal voice
as a career and those who adapt vocal voice with the use of digital devices to
learn the creators’ true method of work to use as additional information for the
analyzation of the research. However, even if the studies show that the regular
vocal voice of a singer cannot be protected as a work with copyright, but singers
still can seek benefit from their own voice, which the researcher has suggested to
seek that benefit using the protection from other Intellectual Property Laws. Meanwhile
the study results of the vocal voices adapted by digital devices show that these
vocal voices may fall in the category of being protected by copyright, also they
can seek benefits with the use of other Intellectual Property Laws.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Paper)


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