Style of Product Distribution of Plastic Woven Products Group at Baan Khumdin, Namsai Sub-District, Jaturapakpiman District, Roi Et Province

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           This research is a local research project with the objective of studying the problem of distribution of the group of plastic woven product from Baan Khum Din and to develop distribution channels of the group of plastic woven product from Baan Khum Din, Nam Sai Sub-district, Chatuphak Phiman District, Roi Et. The target groups were 30 people from woven basket product group of Baan Khum Din, and the tools used to collect data were in-depth interviews, group discussion, join the community, informal interviews and observations.

              The research findings were as follows: 1) The distribution problem of the group of plastic woven product from Baan Khum Din was found that 1.1) The group focused on selling the products in one way, namely selling the products to the customers directly. The customers were the government agencies and the general public who visited the booths of the Sub-district Administration Organization. 1.2) The group did not increase product distribution channels in other forms, such as wholesale, retail trade, manufacturing according to customer orders, consignment store or shopping mall. 1.3) The group with no skills or knowledge to market, resulting to group could produce, but did not know who to sell. 1.4) The group with no public relation of the group products, such as public relation via the village voice on the line, publicized through Facebook application or public relations channels appropriate to the product of the group and 1.5) The group could produce products, but there were no major suppliers of the group, so the sales process of the group was not driven as it should. And 2) The patterns of distribution channel of the woven basket product Baan Khum Din were as follows : 2.1) The group sold the products through the storefront, focusing on a unique storefront that could encourage consumers to buy their products. 2.2) The group increased product distribution channels in variety forms, such as wholesale, retail trade, and sales agents to increase distribution channels to consumers and 2.3) The group public relations through digital media using the 4.0 era, such as Line application and Facebook application to drive awareness and reach consumers more.




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