Strategic Thinking Development Model of Middle Management Level Thai Airways International Public Company Limited

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Katonchalee Sookphate Chomsupak Krunka


            This research aims at studying the conditions of strategic thinking of middle managers at Thai Airways International Public Company, Limited (THAI). The researcher constructed a strategic thinking development model (STDM) for middle managers and thence evaluated it. The area studied is ground operations.

            The sample population and key informants consisted of (1) 300 employees in the Customer Services Department (CSD) surveyed in regard to the conditions under which they engaged in the processes of strategic thinking; (2) 17 experts who participated as respondents in an interview; and (3) 25 middle managers who participated in the experimental testing of STDM.

Using techniques of descriptive statistics, the researcher analyzed the data collected in terms of frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation. The qualitative data collected were analyzed through applications of content analysis.



Findings are as follows:

  1. The conditions of strategic thinking for these middle managers at THAI revealed : (1) cognitive flexibility developed through lateral thinking; (2) systematic thinking processes; (3) using analytic thinking in analyzing the internal and external environments; (4) forecasting of the future; (5) planning the steps to be taken using the principles of strategic planning; and (6) determining the direction of strategy.

  2. STDM was used to develop middle manager strategic thinking through workshop training. It is a mixed process involving three components of a sub-model (ESR), viz., training, interactions with others, and exchanging knowledge and experience. As such, the ESR sub-model consisted of three steps: (1) enhancement (E); (2) sharing (S); and reinforcement (R).

  3. In respect to the evaluation of STDM, the results were as follows: (1) The model was appropriate and feasibility at the highest level. (2) The capabilities for strategic thinking were higher after the completion of the experiment than prior to its commencement at the statistically significant level of .05 (3) The levels of satisfaction level evinced by middle manager participants in respect to STDM was overall found to hold at the highest level.


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