A Creation of Fashion Lifestyle Multi-brand through Thai Cultural DNA for Generation M

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Thanotai Mongkolsin Patcha Utiswannakul


            Fashion lifestyle multi-brand business is gaining tremendous popularity from Generation M consumers (Millennials Generation or Generation Y), which is the most purchasing power consumer group currently. They also are the first generation to receive training from the class about eco-friendly and sustainability concepts. As a result, this generation always gives the priority to choose products under eco-friendly and sustainability concepts first. In addition, the current market is moving into the 4.0 era, an era in which adding value to product is far greater than focusing only on increasing product cost. It is related to the government's policy regarding Thailand 4.0, which is a model to drive Thailand to stability, wealth and sustainability, consisting of 3 important pillars. One of them is the cultural pillar with creative industries, culture and high value-added services. The said pillar will use the elements of 5 cultural DNA of Thai people in order to lead to the 5 F model, and one of which is Fashion industry. As a result, this research is intended to be a guideline to create a fashion lifestyle multi-brand identity through Thai cultural DNA for Generation M. The research methodology is mixed research, which is quantitative and qualitative research. The quantitative research methods were used to collect information about Generation M consumers to know the way of lifestyle, issues of interest, behaviour, personality and patterns of buying decision in fashion lifestyle product. The qualitative research methods were used to collect information about Thai cultural DNA concepts, fashion styles, and fashion design elements. The validity of the questionnaires was examined by using IOC scores of 0.921 and 0.941, while the confidence coefficient or Cronbach’s Alpha equals 0.72. The result of this research revealed the guidelines for creating fashion lifestyle multi-brand identity through 5 Thai cultural DNA concepts for Generation M. As a result, 5 brand identity can be created according to 5 fashion styles namely Fun, Flexible, Friendly, Flavouring and Fulfilling which related to Rave style, Multifunctional style, Hippie style, Rockabilly style and Outdoorsy style respectively. This approach can also be used as a guideline for designing fashion lifestyle products.


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