The Correspondence Between The Shape of Thai Spa Product Packaging Personality and Thai People Characteristics

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Sukritta Hirayachawalit


The purpose of this research is to study the personality of Thai spa product packaging and shape that communicate personalities. The population and the sample of this research are the clients who consume Thai spa products from the shops located in Bangkok area. A structured questionnaire with rating scale was used to collect data, and only the item score higher than 4.21 was selected. The results of this research are as follows; 1. The target group is mostly single females aged 21-30 years old, with a bachelor’s degree and a average monthly income of 20,001-30,000 baht. 2. The correspondence between Thai Spa product packaging personality and Thai people characteristics is enchantress, lover and magician. 3. The element of packaging which is matched with magician personality is wide shape, bell shape, and small cylinder; the one matched with lover personality is arched cylinder or wide shape and concave cylinder, and with enchantress personality is arc square, concave cylinder and small cylinder or wide shape.


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