A Study of Critical Thinking Components of Upper Secondary School Students

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Kuntaree Phettaweeporndech Chatree Kerdtham Boonrueng Sriharun Usa Kongthong


The objective of this research was to study critical thinking components of upper secondary school students. Five experts were selected through purposive sampling, and 600 upper secondary school students who were studying basic science in upper secondary schools, were also selected using multi-stage sampling technique during the first semester of academic year 2012. The research instruments were semi structure depth interview technique. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and confirmatory factor analysis. Statistical programs and LISREL program were used in the study.

The finding of this research revealed that There were 4 components of critical thinking of upper secondary school students: consisted of 4 components with 16 indicators weighing 0.97-1.00 The four main components defining, exploring, analyzing and reasoning, and concluding and selecting. Those four components comprised 3, 3, 7 and 3 indicators, respectively. The structural model was fit to the empirical data.


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