The Correlations of Brand Communication Tools’ Exposure Level and “Coca Cola” Brand Personality’s Perception Level

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Patamaporn Netinant


In Thailand, Coca Cola is the brand leader of Cola Drinking. In 2012 Coca Cola invested the highest amount of advertising budget to establish the brand in target consumer’s mind. This is due to the fact that Cola drink market has very high market value, high competitive situation, with new brand comers trying to take market share in this industry and thus challenging the market leader like Coca Cola. The aims of research therefore, turn into 2 hypothesized are following; 1) there are correlations between consumer self-personality perception and Coca Cola brand's personality perception, 2) there are correlations between brand communication tools exposure and Coca Cola brand's personality perception by using Jennifer Aaker’s brand personality scale. Data were collected using a questionnaire from 400 Cola drinking consumers who live in Bangkok. Statistics used for analyses the data is Pearson’s correlations. The results show; there were positive low level correlations correlations between variables within both of hypothesis at 0.01 significant level. Because of p value < 0.01, Pearson’s correlations (r) = 0.309 and 0.254 order by order.


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