Political Information Exposure, Image about Politicians and Attitude Towards and Participation in Politics: Case Study of People in Bangkok Metropolitan Area

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ประทุม ฤกษ์กลาง


The purposes of this study are to study political information exposures, image about politicians, attitudes of and participations in politics among people in Bangkok metropolitan region. The sample consisted of 420 people which were selected using accidental sampling method. Data were collected using questionnaires and were analyzed using t-test, One-way ANOVA and Pearson’s coefficient correlation. Results found that people in Bangkok metropolitan region are exposed to political information and participate in political activities at the low level. Politicians’ image and political attitudes are at the medium level.

The hypothesis testing found as follows; people with difference in gender, education, income and career are significantly exposed differently to political information. Those with difference in age and income significantly contain different image about politicians. The difference in income has significantly explained political attitudes. Those with difference in gender, income and career have significantly different political participation level. There was a significant relationship between political information exposure, political attitude, political participation, and between image about politicians and political attitude and political participation, including between political attitude and political participation.


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