Dear author and readers

We are delighted to inform you about our journal policy as follow: we publish every 6 months per issue and 5 articles per issue. With many interests from authors, now we already have articles in the press.


We have got a process and publish online first. Then, an article in the press for a hard copy will be on  its Publication Frequency of annually;

  • 1st issue is on January - June 
  • 2nd issue is on July - December

An author who has a paper accepted by the journal, take matte around 2 weeks after submitting to get to know the result of Accept and need revision or reject.

1. * The inquiry of the abbreviation of the journal is: International Journal of Child Development and Mental Health
Short informal name is  " CDMH "
2. Publishing with CDMH Journal is free of charge
3. It is indexed in TCI tier 1, ACI, and Google Scholar not indexed in SCOPUS yet.
4. It takes time about 2-3 months since your submission until the manuscript is accepted. The journal provides in press online publication. However, in the archives menu, authors will find the forthcoming issue to the year or recently. The hard copy will launch on its time annually.