The Marketing Opportunity and Entrepreneurship for Thai Restaurant in Phnom Penh

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ธรรมรักษ์ ละอองนวล หทัยรัตน์ ควรรู้ดี ปิยกนิฏฐ์ โชติวนิช พิมุกต์ สมชอบ วลัยพร สุขปลั่ง วิรัญญา สุทธิกุล


The objective of this research was to study marketing opportunity and logistics systems of entrepreneurship for Thai restaurant in Phnom Penh. Qualitative research collected by in-depth interview. This paper investigates triangulation data, collect data and analyzed from three main groups of informant givers were Thai restaurant entrepreneurs, consumers of Thai restaurant and business academic advisors.

From the study result, it was found that the external environmental factor on economic condition has an influence on restaurant business and lesson of customers, Thai foods attract more consumers and technology can help restaurants in advertise, publicize, and contact with customers in a wider area. Internal environmental factor on marketing, it was found that restaurants had variety of menu, some of restaurants had delivery service, most of the prices were pretty high but acceptable, most of restaurants did not have intention to expand their business, Thai decoration has an impact on customer’s decision, most restaurants had no trouble with the logistics and transportation, consumers are concern about the cleanliness, food flavor, and food quality. Most of the restaurants are applied on business focus strategy.


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