The Strategy of Narcotics Immunization and Prevention in Education Academy

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Sukanda Chantawaree Sutthiphan Arunyawas


At present, the drug problem is a problem that destroyed the country’s economy and society. Although all parties involved are trying to carry out drug prevention and problem solving. But the drug problem has spread to schools such as students, as well as communities, which are the important foundation of the society and a important power of nation in the future. On the part of the government the strategy and action plan of land power to overcome the drugs. The narcotics immunization and prevention plan drug is a program children and youth. The Ministry of Education is the main agency to be responsible with agencies in practical activities. Focusing on the narcotics prevention and resolution interestedly, Therefore, the implementation of the strategies to create immune and prevention of narcotics abuse in education academy ensured the consistency of the government strategic plans and national agenda. So that developing the efficiency of operations to solve the problems appropriately and achieving more efficient and effective.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)