The Organs Doing Work of Social Organization in The Strengthening of Strong Communities

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Phusit Pulanram Nites Sanannaree Riangdow Tavachalee Songphon Chotikavetchakun Savat Hadpagdee Teedanai Kapko Chairat Mason


This article is intended to present the lesson about organs, the work of social organizations in strengthening the community. It was found that the traditional Thai way of life is an agricultural society or a peasant society. Most people are agricultural career. Until the change of many countries in the world has moved into democracy, so that Thailand stepped into the change of ruling form from absolute monarchy to democracy led by the people's council on the 24th June 1932. After that the National Economic Development Plan was drafted by Luang Pradit Manutham in 1957, backed by the World Bank leading to The National Economic Development Plan No. 1 (1961-1966).But the development plan still Continued to accelerate the development of national infrastructure until the economic crisis of the country began in late 1996, which was the first year of the 8th National Economic and Social Development Plan, both public and private sectors had to solve the problem together. In particular, it was important to focus development process on "People" to be the center of development. On the issue of Strong community has been raised to mention a lot as an important alternative of development because the problems. Therefore the philosophical center of the development Plan would move the community organization to be strong. The problem must be solved to the point and meet the needs of people in the community. Essentially, the power of an existing community organization may not be enough, so they need support from outside social organizations. This may include local educational institutions and other sectors, both public and private sectors. This will result in a quality community plan and an important tool for community development towards sustainable sustainability.


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