Personnel’s MotivationFactor in Mahamakut Buddhist University, Roi-Et Campus

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Kittayakorn Ladawan


The objectives of this studywere to study and compare Personnel’s Motivation Factor in MahamakutBuddhist University, RoiEt Campus.  The 80 total sample with differences in Sexes, Statuses, and working experiences were then chosen. A rating scale questionnaire with indices ranking from 0.67-1.00, and anAlpha Coefficientof0.97 were used to collect the data. Frequencies, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test (Independent Sample), and F-test (One-way ANOVA) were used to analyze the collected data.

 The major findings were as follows:

  1. In total as well as in each aspectof achievement, progress, work, responsibility and acceptance - the personnelof MahamakutBuddhist UniversityRoiEtCampus were ratedhigh in every motivation factor, ranking fromhigh to low respectively.

  2. In comparing personnel’s motivation factor who work in Mahamakut Buddhist University, RoiEt Campus, the followings were found.

2.1 Motivationfactor of the personnel with differences in Sex were not statistically significant.

2.2 Motivationfactor of the personnel with differences in Status were not statistically significant.

2.3Motivation factor of the personnel with differences in working experiences were not statistically significant, except in achievement in which personnel’s working experiences of1-5 years and 6-10 years rated differently.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)