Management Local Wisdom into Business Community in the Northeast Thailand 4.0

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Nimnual Chantaroon Saowaluk Kosolkittiamporn


Many countries have set new economic models to create wealth in the last century. 21 Thailand's hope is to develop "prosperity, stability and prosperity" by creating "internal strength". "Sufficiency Economy Philosophy" Passes State-Owned Approaches to "Value-Based Economy" How to develop/ Local Wisdom Innovation Increase the identity of the product to meet the needs of consumers. 1. Change the production of commodities’ " to "innovative" products. 2. Change from country driven by industry. Go to technology driven. Creativity and Innovation 3.Focus to manufacturing sector To focus on the service sector.4. Change traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. The emphasis is on management and technology (Smart Farming) by farmers to be rich. And as an entrepreneurial farmer. (Entrepreneur) 5. Change Traditional SMEs to Help Enterprises Become Smart Enterprises and Startups to High Potential 6. Change the Traditional Services to a Low Value to High Value Service 7. Changing skills To the knowledge workers. Expertise and skill. In 5 major technology and target industries in "Thailand 4.0" .It is the part where Thailand wants to develop itself. And further cooperation with the international network. In line with the "3-step ladder" of the philosophy of sufficiency economy. Of "self-reliance, self-reliance, and collective power."


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