Application of Five Precepts for Danger Prevention in Thai Society

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Phraathikankitti Yuttidharo Voraveach Siriprasertsri Boonkong Seesean


The aims of this research were: 1) to study the dangers occurring in Thai society; 2) to study the concepts of the five precepts in Theravada Buddhism; 3) to study the application of five precepts to protect the dangers which occur in Thai society. The research results revealed that the dangers which happened in Thai society were caused by neglecting the five precepts observation which is the basic practice in living and eliminating the desire, anger and delusion. This leads vocal and mental peace as well as the security of life, wealth, family, society and physical and mental health. The application of the five precepts for preventing the social dangers is to raise the awareness of the five precepts observation more. Through the precept observation, the results are as follows: the first precept, to refrain from killing, leads to mutual loving kindness; the second, to refrain from stealing, leads to right living-hood; the third, to refrain from sexual misconduct, leads to sexual restraint; the fourth, to refrain from telling a lie, leads to honesty; the fifth, to refrain from intoxicants causing heedlessness, leads to consciousness of the observers. When these happen, the security of life, wealth and peace will happen in Thai society.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic Article)