The Validation of the Design and Development of Constructivist Web Based-Learning to Enhance the Undergraduate Learning Efficiency Based on Brain Based Learning: Integrated with Neuroscience

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Wanwisa Wannapipat Sumalee Chaijaroen


his research was aimed to examine the internal and external validity of the design and development of constructivist web based-learning environment to enhance the undergraduatestudents’ learning efficiency based on brain based-learning: Integrated with neuroscience. The sample groups consisted of 9 experts who each 3 examined the designing, media, and neuroscience separately, and 32 undergraduate students who majored in Information and Technology, facultyof Computer and Information and Technology, North Eastern University. The Developmental Research Phase 2 Model Validation was employed. The research results revealed that the internal validity consisted with designing theories and principles. The external validity revealed that the students’ 12 brain based- learning comprised its 12 principles, 8 multiple intelligences, the correlation between their multiple intelligences and learning achievement was rxy = 0.89 significantly at .05 level, the brainwaves of Executive Functions were detected at F7, F8, FC5, FC6, T7, T8 areas, the average stress score was 12.57 which in stress higher level of Department of Mental Health (2007), the student’s opinion towards the model was found that appropriateness and enhancement for their learning, and the model was suitable to be used.


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)