Belief and Buddhist Teachings as Appeared in Pachit Orpim Literary Work Influencing over the Way of Life of Nakhonchaiburin People

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Phra Watthana Ñãnฺavaro (Dathong) Phramaha Daosiam Vajirapañño Udom Buasi Ekkachat Jarumetheechon


 The aims of this research were studying the background and Buddhist belief and morality in Pachit Orpim Literature. An analysis of the influence in way of life of Nakhorn Chaiburin in Pachit Orpim Literature was by academic documents and related works. The data was by Descriptive Analysis.

The result revealed that: Pachit Orpim Literature was based on a story No. 39 in Paññāsajataka of Pācittakumarajataka from Vol. 2 in Thonburi Age, translated by Phra Ariyanuwatara. Moreover, Bhumchit Ruangdet interpreted one of Pachit Orpim, known as a folk story. As a poem storytelling entitled Phra Pachit, it was interpreted by Naruemon Piyawit. According to the saying of monks, scholars, and folks through the literature, it became a local belief that people admired as in the reality though maybe there was neither nor the evidence to prove. In Buddhist doctrine, it was an instrument to educate Buddhists in good behavior: therefore, it helped assuring the Buddhist principles. It was believed that Pachit Orpim was the note of cultural landscape up until now. The city name reflected the meaningful cultures of local people relied on the readers’ imaginations on the writer’s communication to seek for the world-outlook in order to strengthen the community economy through tourism and encouraging villagers be proud in their own cultures by learning the legend. In this regard, it could affirm tourists in trailing the connection of cultural heritage concretely and abstractly. 


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