The Concept of Water in Theravada Buddhism

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Phamahapiratkorn Amฺsumâli Prayoon Saengsai


Water or water base has a duty or a process to join many things or elements for physical (RupaDhamma), mental (Nama Dhamma) balance, to make those things into one without separation of parts, color, smell, taste, cleaning and purity. In Buddhism, it is called “Pabhassara”. Mind with the proper alteration of four elements: earth, water, fire and winter will be in a great power. Summarily, water going to the lower place still has powerful destruction. Generally, the Buddha compared a river or the ocean to a general aspect of craving. Here, he compared power and depth of craving to a big river with a turbulent flow that a person could not cross easily. A person who can cross a river, i.e. defilement must have great effort. For example, if a person is free from greed, anger and delusion, he is actually well-known as a person who crosses the ocean with a turbulent flow, dangerous animals and a water-demon.


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