The Development of Network and Agricultural Product “Chilli” for Exportation Cases Nakhon Ratchasima and Chaiyaphum

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Kreangsak Chokwarakul Settawat Chokwarakul


The study titled “Network development and product enhancements Agriculture, “chilli” for export. Of Nakhon Ratchasima and Chaiyaphum”. The research studied to develop the network and alleviate chili as agricultural product. The study involved sample group of chili farmers in Nakhon Ratchasima and Chaiyaphum. The results are consistent with the objectives, suggesting that the following discoveries: 1) Strategies in fostering chili processing for exports: 1.1) Supports provided by governmental offices.
1.2) Create a quality product from quality raw materials. 1.3) Connect the product processing network to create a full-range capability. 2) Strategies in fostering chili grower network formation: 2.1) Identify the responsible governmental office. 2.2) Foster a strong connecting-bond among the community. 2.3) Provide the governmental resource aid 2.4) Foster leadership in network creation. 3) Strategies in creating added value to chili products: 3.1) Increase the processing variety. 3.2) Modern-looking package design. 3.3) Attractive sales facility. 4) Strategies in increasing market channels for chili products: 4.1) Set a clear reference pricing. 4.2) Create marketing opportunity. 4.3) Maintain standards and sufficient supply matching the market demand.


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