A Guideline for Developing Buddhadhamma - Based life Quality of Civil Servants in Phichit Province

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Worawicha Thongchawna Phrakru Sudhikhamphirayana Suwin Thongpan Prapat Srikulkich


The aims of this research were 1) to study the problems of the quality of life of the civil servants in Phichit province, 2) to study the solutions of the problems based on the Buddhadhamma, and 3) to analyze the methods for improving the quality of life of the civil servants according to Buddhadhamma in the studied area. This qualitative research was carried out through the interviews of the civil servants in the different positions to collect the required data.

  The research result revealed that the main problems of these civil servants were related to the personal debts, stress, personal health, family issues, colleague issues, and ethic and attitudes in workplace.

The ways to develop the quality of life of the civil servants in Phichit province based on the Buddhadhamma were that there was a need in bringing the Buddhadhammas such as ‘Tisikkhā’ (three studies), which focuses on morality, concentration, and self-wisdom, ‘IV Bhavanā’ (four developments), which focuses on the physical development, moral development, emotional development, and intellectual development.

The development of the quality of life of the civil servants in Phichit caused civil servants become more moral, calmer, and being more respectful because of their behavior change; they also showed the good characteristics that are more friendly to the environment, and generosity, social creativity, good mental health, better thought in solving the problems, clean work with wisdom, active living and ‘as real’ vision; these were the ways to promote the governmental system and Thai society.


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