An Analysis of Governing Form on Buddhistic Approach

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Phrakhru Pathumthamasophit (Ronachai Sumitto (Thatsanathon)) Sukit Chaimusik Chawalit Lairin Panya Klaydesh


This research aimed to analyze the Governing Form in Buddhism. It was a qualitative study collecting the data from primary and secondary document analyze and present by content Analysis.

The result of research were found that the Governing Form in Buddhism is Samaggidhamma, form of government are unsubstantiated efforts and discipline is maintained unity. State of Dhamma is a regime that has related to Buddhism, with development, support and contribute to each other. The state must have a leader who set a good example and a leader in pursuing justice as well as the public, to Bring to adhere to the principles of religion pose a peaceful life. The principle of Sanghadhipateyya (sovereignty of Sangha) are the highest domination by “The Legislature power, The Executive pover and The Judiciary power”


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บทความวิจัย (Research Article)