Pali Language and Buddhist Scripture Study

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PhramahaSittichai Chayasitt (Panyawai)


This article aims to study the history and significance of Pali language, how to use Pali language in Buddhist scripture study and propagate Buddhism. Found that, Pali is the ancient language of the Magahd that the Buddha used to declare Buddhism, peaching and Vinaya legislation for his disciples. When Buddhism was established in India and expanded in Singhol (Srilangka) spreaded to many Buddhist countries. So called the Magahd language is Pali language which means the language that heals the word of the Buddha used in the propagation of Buddhism to maintain the right to continue to now. The Pali education is an important key to unlocking knowledge in the Buddhist scriptures. The human who will study the Buddhist scriptures requires knowledge of Pali language so that one can understand the Buddha's will in each discipline clearly and deeply. In any where, there is no knowledge of Words of the Buddha in Tipitaka. In the end, Buddhism will not be stable. Therefore, Pali should be promoted and studied seriously. It is a device to study the knowledge contained in the Buddhist scriptures. It is the succession of Buddhism and the preservation of Pali language.


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