Model of Sustainable Community Development in Inspection Area 12

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Ruamporn Tricoomkn Yupaporn Yupas Wittaya Chareonsiri


Research and development, aims to develop a framework to identify factors affecting development of sustainable communities, and to investigate factors identified assumptions that affect development of sustainable communities. The research is divided into 2 phases: Step 1: creating and developing a conceptual framework for identification of factors that affect sustainable community development and Step 2: to investigate discriminant factor assumptions that affect development of sustainable communities. Instruments used to collect data was formed to develop a sustainable community as discriminant from 0.451 to 0.865 and confidence issue, using Cronbach's coefficient alpha formula equals 0.947 and questionnaire for interview guide. Data were analyzed using frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, and discriminant analysis by stepwise        

Results showed that: 1) Review literatures found that factors affecting sustainable village development were change leadership, knowledge of sustainable development, community learning activities ,participation, local community resource management, marketing mix factors, and community networksม and 2) variables that affect discriminant of development of a sustainable village were knowledge of sustainable development, local community resource management and marketing mix factors (P-value < 0.01), predict membership of sustainable development villages that pass and fail to assess by means of predicting membership of a sustainable village group that has been correctly evaluated 79.00%


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