Engineering and Applied Science Research (EASR), formerly known as KKU Engineering Journal (1974-2016), is a peer-reviewed open-access journal. The journal title has been changed since January 2017 (Vo.44 No.1 January-March 2017) to get more attentions from international readers and authors. The journal aims to publish high quality research works related to engineering and applied science disciplines.  

Journal Abbreviation  Eng Appl Sci Res
ISSN 2539-6161 (Print)
ISSN 2539-6218 (Online)
Start year: 1974
Language: English (since Vol.42 No.3, 2015)
Publication fee: free of charge 
Issues per year: 4 Issues

 Focus and Scope

Publication of the journal started in 1974. Its original name was “KKU Engineering Journal”. English and Thai manuscripts were accepted. The journal was originally aimed at publishing research that was conducted and implemented in the northeast of Thailand. It is regarded a national journal and has been indexed in the Thai-journal Citation Index (TCI) database since 2004. The journal now accepts only English language manuscripts and became open-access in 2015 to attract more international readers. It was renamed Engineering and Applied Science Research in 2017. The editorial team agreed to publish more international papers, therefore, the new journal title is more appropriate. The journal focuses on research in the field of engineering that not only presents highly original ideas and advanced technology, but also are practical applications of appropriate technology. 

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Vol 45 No 3 (2018)

Published: 2018-09-14

Recycled ceramic tile composite for automobile applications, a comparative study with Nissan Jeep Cherokee brake pad

Johnson Olumuyiwa Agunsoye, Sefiu Adekunle Bello, Adeola Bamigbaiye, Kayode Ayodele Odunmosu, Isaac Akinboye


Characterization of Prussian blue-immobilized chitin-coated nylon fibers as adsorbent for cesium ions

Duangkamol Dechojarassri, Sahori Omote, Takanori Minamino, Kensuke Nishida, Tetsuya Furuike, Hiroshi Tamura


Reduction of RSSI variations for indoor position estimation in wireless sensor networks

Apidet Booranawong, Jerawat Sopajarn, Thantip Sittiruk, Nattha Jindapetch


The effect of lead oxide on structural and elastic properties of strontium lead silicate glass from deteriorated silica gel

Pattaranipa Gunhakoon, Jintana Laopaiboon, Oruethai ่Jaiboon, Somkid Pencharee, Raewat Laopaiboon


Ozonation as cyanophyta control method for water treatment

Patcharaporn Suwanvitaya, Sudarat Singhaphen


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