Academic Administration and Learning Management Model to Enhance 21st Century Learners’ Characteristics and Skills in Basic Education Institutes: Mixed Quantitative to Qualitative Analysis

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The objectives of this research were 1) to study the knowledge of  21st century learners’ characteristics and skills of administrators from basic education schools  2) to identify academic administration scope, proportion, status and learning management level of basic education administrators and 3) to analyze the school administration the academic administration model and learning management model to enhance learners’ characteristics and skills in 21st Century. The employed research instruments were questionnaires with α = .87 and interviewing form. Respondents were 454 administrators by multi-stage sampling. Descriptive statistics and cross tabulation analysis were implemented. Qualitative data were interviewed from 36 educational administrators, schools administrators and experts. The result revealed that
1) schools administrators had moderate knowledge level about 21stcentury learners’characteristics and skills.Knowledge level varied positively with work experiences, education qualifications, administrative experiences and administrative levels. 2) Academic administration had 17 tasks in scope and was the highest proportion, the top three highest tasks of academic administration were learners support and development, teaching development and curriculum task. Academic management to enhance learners’ skills in 21st Century analysis indicated that administrators put highest effort to reading.  3) The 21st century basic schools administration model should be based on decentralization of educational administration to enable the administrators to make full decisions, adaptable to change; School-based Management integrated public school concept with good governance, accountability, transparency, and participation; organization in the form of basic educational institute board applying integrated-strategic management and effective management information systems. The academic administration model to enhance learners’ characteristics and skills in 21st Century should be administrated relying on (1) Achievement-aimed (2) Learner-centered  (3) Suite to Learner’s Potential (4) Practice-based (5) Activity-based (6) Thinking Skill Development (7) Self Inquiry and Collaborative Learning (8) Local Connection (9) Internationally on Country Culture (10) Professional Teachers (11) Educational Reform (12) Participative Management (13) Focus on Enhancing Desirable Learner’s Characteristics and Skills (14) Internal Supervision (15) Supportive Leadership
(16) 21stCentury Classroom and environment (17)Efficient Resource Management (18) Holistic Development
(19) Developmental Evaluation (20) Professional Learning Community  (21) Quality Curriculum Development and
(22) Individual Study for Desirable Skills. Learning management model to enhance learners’ characteristics and skills was managed on (1) Integrated Curriculum and Teaching (2) Project-based Learning (3) STEM Education (4) Problem-based Learning (5) Collaborative Learning (6) Lab or Practice-based (7) Experiencing Learning (8) Innovation-based Learning (9) ICT-based Learning  (10) Self Inquiry and Construction (11) Crystal-based Learning  (12) Demonstration Teaching (13) Design Thinking and (14) GPAS 5 Procedures.



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