Lower Secondary School Visual Arts Curriculum Development, Kantangratsadasuksa School, Secondary Educational Service Area Office 13

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This study aimed to develop and evaluate visual arts curriculum at the lower secondary school level at Kantangratsadasuksa School. It was a participatory action research. The samples used in the study were 20 people who were university lecturers, supervisors and teachers with knowledge and expertise in visual arts. The findings of the study were as followed; (1) a lower secondary school visual arts curriculum development, Kantangratsada Suksa School was initiated. The curriculum consisted of visual arts curriculum, course descriptions, learning units and learning resources. It utilized an academic principle based upon the idea of integrating visual arts to other learning areas namely social studies, sciences, foreign languages (English), Thai language and mathematics by using visual arts as a core curriculum. (2) Overall, the results of the curriculum evaluation showed that visual arts curriculum development was at a very good level. Furthermore, once the visual arts curriculum was evaluated separately into four aspects: visual arts curriculum, course descriptions, learning units and learning resources, the curriculum development was considered at a great level in all aspects as well.



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