Today and Steps forward of STOU School of Educational Studies

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STOU School of Educational Studies has been established for more than 40 years, and throughout those years its work has continued and progressed prosperously indicating the capability to adapt itself in accordance with the changes of all circumstances, yet it still keeps its uniqueness in team working which brings cooperation among all faculty members. This paper describes the development of the faculty in the 4 missions collaboratively set up by the faculty members, namely Mission 1 Produce and provide continuing education to educational personnel with knowledge and merit in compliance with local and social needs, Mission 2 Promote research/ creative innovation and develop the body of knowledge beneficial to professionals, community, and the country, Mission 3 Provide educational services to community and society in order to build a knowledge-based and information-based society, and Mission 4 Utilize information technology in administering the faculty and foster faculty receive international recognition. Besides explaining each mission in details, this paper depicts information on what has been done so far and what will be the further steps of STOU School of Educational studies.


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