Leadership Distribution for Reading Habit Promotion of Students in Border Patrol Police Schools under Patrol Police Division 41

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Pakkawadee Ponprueksa


The purposes of this research were 1) to develop the training curriculum on leadership distribution for reading habit promotion for Prathom Suksa 1 students in Border Patrol Police Schools under Patrol Police Division 41; and 2) to study the results of implementing the curriculum to promote reading habit of those students. The research was divided into 2 phases as follows: Phase 1 Drafting and evaluating the training curriculum. 1) The researcher followed the standard criteria in developing the training curriculum which consisted of curriculum rationale, objectives, contents, training activities, training materials, and assessment and evaluation. 2) The developed curriculum was then evaluated by 3 experts in 3 areas of specialization; leadership, training and promoting reading habit, the result in this phase confirmed the appropriateness of the curriculum. Phase 2 Implementing, evaluating and improving the training curriculum. 1) The curriculum was tried out with 20 participants including director, teachers and parents in a Border Patrol Police School under Patrol Police Division 41, the result showed that each training plan was effective, and met the specified criteria. The trainees’ knowledge before and after training was significantly different, leadership skills of the trainees were at the high level. The participants also rated the training curriculum at the most appropriate level. 2) The researcher evaluated and improved the curriculum in order to make it more applicable, and 3) The curriculum was implemented with Prathom Suksa 1 students at Huai-muang Border Patrol Police School under Patrol Police Division 41 for 4 weeks during which the director, teachers and parents played their roles in promoting students’ reading habit.  After the intervention the researcher measured the students’ reading habit 3 times in every 2 weeks, the result indicated that the reading habit of Prathom Suksa 1 students was significantly higher than before training.


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