Engineering Design and Biomimicry in STEM Education

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The objective of this article is to demonstrate how to integrate engineering design and biomimicry into STEM education. The explanation starts with the approach for integrating the four disciplines, namely, Science (S), Mathematics (M), Technology (T), and Engineering (E) for instructional management in STEM education. The application of engineering design process (ask, think, plan, create and improve) to use in STEM education helps students to be able to apply their knowledges in solving problem in the real-world situation. The consideration of biomimicry to adapt in STEM education encourages students to use the nature observation, mathematical calculation, scientific theory through the engineering design process. This method not only enables students to increase their various scientific knowledge and theories and connect them with their daily living, but also generates the learning for sustainable development and mobilizes them to realize the value of organism and nature which is useful in production of innovation and technology for benefits of human in the future.  


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