Soft Measures for Cycling Promotion in the Northeast of Thailand

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Pondej Chaowarat Mathee Piriyakannon Suphathida Sawangchan Worawan Natrephra


The research aims to explore the use of soft measures for cycling promotion in the Northeast of Thailand, including types of soft measures and their contributions. The research employed multiple methods, including questionnaires, in-depth interviews, activity observations and surveys. Khon Kaen, Kalasin, UbonRatchathani and Srisaket are chosen as case study. Field work had been preceded from August to October 2014. The research found that there were six categories of soft measures used in the areas, including campaigning, public relations, education, incentive, public participation, and policy and planning. Their activities focus more on existing cyclists. The education and the incentive were the least implemented programs.


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Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences