Strategies for Creating Competitive Advantage for Smart Farming Enterprise

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Audchara Sukglun Ketsaraporn Suttapong Nontipak Pianroj


In Thailand, the majority of the population makes a living through agriculture in which most of the agricultural products are produced during the same time of year. Considering the fact that the agricultural industry is rapidly growing in this industrial age, farmers have to come up with new strategies to make themselves more competitive in raw material management and production through using more technology blended with knowledge, information technology and innovation. Creating competitive advantage is the main key to have more advantages than competitors. This article aims to collect the related important theories and literature review about smart farming strategies, advantages of Information technology and social media as well as strategic advantages of innovation, and strategies to find out new ways as to how to increase the competitiveness of farmers in open market conditions. This review can be used as a guideline in creating a competitive advantage for smart farming enterprise.


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