Quality Certification Marks: Marketing Opportunities for SMEs

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Sumittra Sriviboone Rosechongporn Komolsevin


Marketing competition since 1990s has moved to product differentiation to generate higher returns, using particularly a distinctive attribute or a certification issued by a reliable organization.  In addition, products exported to the overseas markets presently need to have some kinds of certification marks to assure their uniqueness, sales increase, and protection from pirated or counterfeit products.

This article aims primarily to provide information concerning existing types of certification marks as a marketing option for the SMEs to use the ones that suit their product type and would benefit their product the most.  The proper use of certification marks will enhance consumer awareness and increase market opportunities and benefits.  In this aspect, the sustainable and successful quality assurance stems basically from a strong-willed community to protect its cultural heritages and wisdom via the certification marks.  The government’s supports are also needed in terms of providing relevant knowledge to the entrepreneurs, and exercising efforts to generate robust protection of the certified products both domestically and internationally.


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