A Study of Symphony Orchestra Composition of the Music Composed by His Majesty the King Prajadhipok for a Symphony Orchestra, A Case Study by Lt.Col Prateep Suphanrojn

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The study of the symphony composition of the music composed by His Majesty The King Prajadhipok for a symphony orchestra, a case study by Lt.Col Prateep Suphanrojn, has the purposes as follows.

  1. To study the music components of the music composed by His Majesty The King Prajadhipok for a symphony orchestra by Lt.Col Prateep Suphanrojn.

  2. To study techniques for symphony music composition of the music composed by His Majesty The King Prajadhipok for a symphony orchestra of Lt.Col Prateep Suphanrojn’s orchestra.

By the research that collects relating academic documents and text books including an interview with Lt.Col Prateep Suphanrojn, the researcher has taken the information for analysis and the research result is as follows.

From the study of the components of this music, Lt.Col Prateep Suphanrojn has brought 3 music rhythms composed by His Majesty The King Prajadhipok, to be composed in the form of the symphony orchestra and therefore, this causes the music to have the musical form in the original style. For the rhythm that has Pentatonic scale for the rhythm movement, it performs in many ways interchangeably by which it has symbols to determine the rhythm ratio precisely by the ratio of . For the music speed, it is changed along with the sections of the music. In term of the composing technique, Lt.Col Prateep Suphanrojn has adapted western composing technique to the music suitably and this has created the result in the harmonious sound by western musical instruments that have the unique characteristics by which the characteristic of the music is still well maintained. This includes making the main rhythm to be separated to various musical instruments and the chord characteristic that is in harmony with each form of rhythm. This includes the use of the western symphonic composing technique considered to make the music colorful and interesting by using the pedal tone with parallel perfect intervals and for the group of melodies and additional rhythm, it is done by using ostinato and syncopation effectively. These techniques are considered to create the modern color for the music.



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