The Project Development of New Furniture Design for Urban Lifestyle from The Wisdom of Basketry. Case Study of Bang Chao Cha, Pho Thong District, Ang Thong Province.

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อรัญ วานิชกร สินีนาถ เลิศไพรวัน อิทธิพัทธ์ หงส์ทอง คุณัญญา ชาญวิถี


The project development of new furniture design for urban lifestyle from the wisdom of basketry. Case study of Bang Chao Cha, Pho Thong district, Ang Thong province. The objectives of this study were to 1) Study the identity and the guidelines to develop materials, techniques and basket weaving methods. 2) To apply the wisdom of basketry to furniture and home decor in accordance with the urban lifestyle. This research and product development was restarted by collecting the related secondary data,  primary data, observing the situations , Group discussion and interview information to find identity, materials, techniques and basket weaving methods of Bang Chao Cha community. Analyzing the classifying requirements of design concept, experimental materials, production techniques then develop prototypes of furniture and decorations. This research was showed the cultural identities of the area include rice farming, wicker basket, representing the identity of the past and the pockets represent the current identity.

Offer new products of furniture and decorations which can be divided into 3 concepts in design. 1. Concept of product design in DIY style to promote basketry activities for creative tourism by the concept Ear of rice. 2. Concept of product design, lamp decoration from the identity of Rice kernel 3. Concept of furniture basketry design from the famous and original local identity of Bang Chao Cha which is wicker basket and hand basket

Then select the prototype to develop. The result of this study was the new style furniture

of urban living with the wisdom of basketry production from Bang Chao Cha. Pho Thong District, Ang Thong Province which can be divided into 2 sets.1. BungJad Furniture (wicker basket + hand basket) 2. KraEy Furniture (hand basket + chair). The selection was made by a group discussion between the researchers, designers and stakeholders in Bang Chao Cha. Then present the works at the Springboard SMEs 2018 exhibition to promote the products to continue under Bang Chao Cha Décor brand.



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