Social Strengthening Based on Art Activities in Yogyakarta, Case Studies of Taring Padi and Ketjilbergerak

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Satrio Hari Wicaksono


The development of art cannot be separated from the social values that occur around it, including Yogyakarta, which has a long history and is deeply rooted in social realism. In its development, social values have a large portion in the development of art in Yogyakarta, so rooted, realism has always been a solid identity, although sometimes in different entities and discourses. Of course the spirit of the times takes a big role in representing the artworks that are present in one period. The emergence of groups that invite people to respond to cultural and social symptoms through works of art thrives in Yogyakarta, such as the Taring Padi and Ketjil groups, a few examples of artistic groups whose work approaches are very close to the community and even involve the surrounding community to play an active role in their work. Not only representing, but these groups are also involved as part of the community, fighting for it and educating the community to have a better quality of life, no longer oppressed and get social justice in society.


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