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Applied Economics Journal

Applied Economics Journal is a peer-reviewed journal of the Center for Applied Economics Research (CAER), Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University, Bangkok. It was first published in 1994 as the “Kasetsart University Journal of Economics”. The journal title has been changed to AEJ since vol.17 no.1 (June 2010). AEJ is indexed in CAB Abstracts, IDEAS/RePEc, ASEAN Citation Index (ACI) and TCI. Two issues are published a year, in June and December. All articles are open access. No submission fee and page charge.

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Applied Environmental Research

Applied Environmental Research is a fully (double-blinded) peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary publication of original contributions on international environmental issues, a forum for exchange of academic experiences and research activities in the field of environmental science and technologies and environmental management.

AER covers a wide range of environmental disclipines. We seeks to publish papers that report results from original and novel studies related to the environment, climate change, and other interdisciplinary environmental issues. 

Currently known as : Applied Environmental Research (January 2014 - current)

Formerly known as : Journal of Environmental Research (2009 - December 2013)

ISSN : 2287-0741 (Print Version), 2287-075X (Electronic Version)

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Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology

Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology (APST) formerly known as KKU Research Journal is an open-access peer-reviewed journal published by the Research and Technology Transfer Affairs Division of Khon Kaen University. The journal title has been changed since volume 21, issue 4, October-December 2016 in order to attract more international readers and authors. The journal is devoted to life science and technology research fields, whereas research work obtained from the integration of both fields is most welcome. It is primarily aimed at publicising and promoting research work from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and other Asian countries. It is also expected to contribute to raising the standards of ASEAN post-graduate studies, as in most of the ASEAN countries including Thailand, publication of research work in post-graduate theses/dissertations and in high quality journals is compulsory. The journal employs a double-blinded review process in which authors and reviewers are anonymous to each other throughout the process.  

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