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KASEM BUNDIT JOURNAL (วารสารเกษมบัณฑิต)

จัดพิมพ์เป็นราย 6 เดือน ได้แก่ มกราคม-มิถุนายน และ กรกฎาคม-ธันวาคม ของทุกปี เป็นเวลา 15 ปีมาแล้ว และเพื่อเป็นศูนย์กลางแลกเปลี่ยนความคิดเห็น วิทยาการและเทคนิคใหม่ ๆ อันนำไปสู่การพัฒนาทักษะและศักยภาพในการสร้างผลงานทางวิชาการ การค้นคว้า การวิจัยและบริการทางวิชาการในทุกสาขาวิชา

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King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok International Journal of Applied Science and Technology

The KMUTNB: IJAST, through full research papers and compact reviews, covers all applications of science and technology. The journal bridges the crucial gap between basic research and patenting of an invention, targeting a broad audience of academic and industrial researchers, as well as the increasingly important world of scientists and engineers at start-up companies. The journal provides a forum for scientists and engineers, physicists, and chemists to communicate on the most important topics in the field of:

• Technology (Engineering): Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Control Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering and etc.

• Applied Science: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Physics, Mathematics/Statistics, Energy, Agro/Food, Materials, Information Technology, Agricultural Sciences and etc.

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Editorial Policy:

Papers, comprising review articles and reports of original scientific research, will be judged for publication on the basis of evaluation by independent reviewers. Such reports and articles include substantial supported theories, innovative work, substantial experimental results, useful and constructive discussions, and review articles in the fields of science and technology such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science and information technology, engineering, agriculture, and other areas related to the application of science and technology. Each volume will comprise two issues. An electronic journal is also provided on the website ( The Editors reserve the right to require a revision of the submitted manuscript as a condition for final acceptance.

The institute and the editorial board claim no responsibility for the contents or views expressed by the authors of individual articles. Copying is allowed provided that acknowledgement is made. All articles submitted for publication will be assessed by a group of distinguished reviewers.



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